Restive by Jae El Foster

Restive by Jae El Foster

Restive by Jae El Foster

Restive by Jae El Foster (The Restless Trilogy Book 1)

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Blurb: Passion and suspense collide in this exhilarating island adventure that will leave you demanding more. When romance author Nicola Trammel becomes stranded on a tropical paradise, she finds comfort through the kindness of the natives and through an unexpected romance that begins to blossom with the island’s handsome young king. While torn between the need to return home to her former life and the desire to remain on the island with the delicious king, Nicola soon discovers that there is a danger hidden in the dark shadows of the jungle – an evil that has latched onto her scent and threatens to expose her and the island natives to a terror unlike any they have ever known and one that they may not survive. Join Nicola on this explosive sea-fairing, saltwater-laden romance that takes both fantasy and vampires to new levels of intrigue.