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Review: A Hidden Agenda by Kate Hofman
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An inner determination to succeed.

Benedict Alessandrini has a dilemma; his wife doesn’t know who he is after she was savagely attacked by an unbalanced admirer. But that isn’t all, his mother wants him to marry the woman she has chosen even if it means destroying the woman he loves. For Lily learning that she is married has come as a shock but slowly she begins to regain her memory and their love, while also discovering that she is pregnant. But how is she going to handle her fanatical mother-in-law, especially when this woman won’t stop until she gets what she wants? With their marriage and the life of their child at risk; Benedict will do whatever it takes to protect his wife, even at the expense of his mother. Will they have the life that they want or will Benedict’s mother destroy their lives with her demands?

Hidden Agenda by Kate Hofman is a contemporary story about more than love and romance, it is also about how far a man will go to safeguard not only the love of his life but those he cares about. I really enjoyed Lily and Benedict because after all the adversity they suffer they are able to make their marriage work. Lily comes across as being delicate and fragile but hidden beneath the surface is a woman not afraid to fight for what is hers. And her husband is the same, because even though Benedict tries to put off the inevitable once it touches his wife he will do whatever it takes to protect not only her but his sister as well. I love reading Ms Hofman’s work and I definitely loved reading this book.

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April 2009
Dark Castle Lords

About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-921347- 95-5
Price: $ 4.50
Reviewer: Sheryl

Sensuality Rating: Sultry
Star Rating: 5 Stars

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