Shiloh Love

“Writing stories you’ll live in!”

Shiloh’s closest friends describe her as a kindred spirit. She started as a tender-hearted bookworm and began writing her own fictional stories in grade school. Growing up on a farm was a hard life. When not working in the fields, tending livestock, or doing household chores, Shiloh slipped away to her room and penned endless pages of fantasy adventures that she kept hidden under her bed. To this day no one else has read those secret worlds she escaped to.
Through the spiritual, physical, and emotional challenges of life, she blossomed into an author. She is often heard describing writing as a saving grace. Shiloh majored in English, graduated, and eventually wrote her first full-length novel in December of 2006, which won the Golden Wings Award upon its debut release. Her accomplishments also include the Editor’s Choice Award, three Crowned Hearts and one RONE finalist award in addition to countless rave reviews on former novels.

A favorite quote from Shiloh, “The only time I’m truly free is when I’m writing,” shows her true passion for the written word and the gift of telling a story. 

Writing is her powerful coping mechanism. Shiloh has battled severe OCD, anxiety, and depression since she can remember. She was also diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in 1995. One place she escapes her suffering is in her books with characters created from her vivid imagination.
Two Scriptures she clings to are, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) He gave her that scripture when she lost her house, the only safe home she’d ever known. And she finds rest in knowing she doesn’t have to solve everything in Isaiah 40:31(Eagles Wings).