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Spanish Lover by Kate Hofman












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Book Blurb:

When Luis Montoya’s interior designer, Cordelia Dunleigh, hears a baby cry, she hurries to comfort her. Initially suspicious of Cordelia’s motives, Luis realizes his daughter, Luz, is happy for the first time in her brief life. He asks Cordelia to continue her care.
Maria, the wife of Luis’s business partner, is jealous of Cordelia for having unwittingly captured Luis’s gratitude, which she fears may turn into interest. She does her best to upset the arrangement.

Luis proposes a marriage of convenience to Cordelia, to ensure Luz’s happiness in Cordelia’s care. Initially pleased at Cordelia’s acceptance, Luis begins to feel desire for the quiet young woman who loves Luz. Passion flares between them. Can this grow into true love, or is Cordelia right in believing Luis merely likes having her in his bed?

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere as The Spanish Conquest and has been revised for DCL Publications.