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The Two Sides of Santa’s Lap

A Naughty and Nice Christmas Anthology

Please forward and share with authors and on social media, websites, and places of interest! Super excited over this one!

DCL Publications invites you to join us for an incredibly unique and exciting Christmas 2020 anthology! The concept is quite simple and pretty fun. Authors wishing to take part in the collection will need to submit two separate stories – one that celebrates the naughtier aspects of the holiday, and one that celebrates the nicer sides. Interpretations are up to you, the writers.

The first half of the book will be ‘nice,’ for those readers who crave the sweeter side of things, with the second half of the book being ‘naughty.’ There will be a divider between the two sections indicating the change in theme.

The deadline for submission of both stories is Friday, May 29, 2020. The book is tentatively scheduled for an early November 2020 release. That may not seem like a lot of time, but for many in this time of isolation and quarantine, this is the perfect time to be creative at home, and to be a part of something very unique and special at the same time.

Let your imagination and heart guide you into your submissions for this special 2020 Christmas anthology. Contemporary, fantasy, Regency, historical, comedy, suspense… have fun and let your muses guide you!

Please submit both stories to DCL editor Jean Watkins at with “Santa’s Lap” in the subject line by Friday, May 29, 2020! After all, 2020 only comes once. Let’s make sure it leaves us on a high note!