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The Beltaine Wager by Rachel E. Moniz

The Beltaine Wager 6 x 9












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After a chance meeting at a family wedding, the only person Lavender Lennox seems to have on her mind is Fionn Tate. After coming to Castle Lochaber to learn all the duties of a chatelaine, she is more than pleased to learn that Fionn is staying there, too. She just has a slight problem with her wardrobe, lack of social skills…and a horoscope that dashes her dreams of a future with Fionn.

When Fionn’s healing skills are needed and they are both called away, she learns just how much of a role Fate can play in making dreams come true…


“Shall I prove to ye how beautiful I think ye are? I’ve a present for ye.” He opened the cupboard and withdrew the vial of honeysuckle perfume. “I made this for ye an’ it was no small feat! Surely a man who didn’t see yer beauty wouldn’t make such an effort.” He pressed the small tube into her hand and closed her fingers over it.

Lavender withdrew the stopper and delicately sniffed. “Honeysuckle. It smells wonderful.” She dabbed a drop onto her wrists and inhaled the sweet fragrance. He watched as her lips curled into a smile and she held out her arm for him.

Fionn lifted her wrist and breathed the scent he had created for her. It suited her and he was proud to have made it. Regardless of the carnal intimacies he had experienced with other women, this moment stood out as much more special and private than he could have imagined. Still holding on to her hand, he moved forward, bridging the gap between them.

Lavender’s eyes focused on his lips for a millisecond then back to his eyes, but that split-second told him what she wanted. And Fionn had never been able to resist temptation. He lowered his head and in that one smooth act of brushing his lips across hers, the erstwhile mousy Lavender branded him as her own, softly, sweetly. His heart was officially lost.