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Valley of Desire by Lisana Gabriella

Young Alaina travels from America to the distant regions of

northern Norway, and the arctic islands of Svalbard. She is

desperately seeking answers to her unknown past, and this

search takes her deep into a dark and unknown valley.

Alaina suddenly encounters the wealthy and sinister Rolf, a

descendant of powerful Vikings. He has many hidden secrets

to keep from her. However both of them soon realize just how

difficult any stealth is going to be, especially if they can ever

overcome the cultural differences to realize their intensely

lustful desires.

Rolf takes Alaina on a tour of the islands, where she sees and

experiences the spectacular arctic nature and wildlife. But that

is not all he wants her to have! Life there with Rolf could

become ideal, if only their passions could be forever realized.

But there is a nasty surprise in store for them both. One which

could destroy all of their hopes and dreams for everything –

and everyone – if indeed true. Is their intensely intimate

relationship really an incestuous one?!

Come and enjoy an awesome journey to a far-away exotic land,

where few others have ever gone. Share in the suspense and

romance of a wildly romantic land. In a valley of true desire.