Author Adesanya


Prolific author and Chicago native Adesanya has been lighting up the literary world for over two decades with mesmerizing novels and short stories in a catalog of genres. She currently resides on the West Coast.

A master craftswoman at romance, horror, science fiction, and contemporary themes, Adesanya has penned such brilliant works of fiction as Caeli’s Daniachew, The Silver Chronicles, Alienation Victim, and her expansive police series Cassandra’s Cop, in which she and Jae El Foster worked together on several installments. Many of Adesanya’s works were previously published under Crystal Brewton and will see new releases under her current name.

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Ms. Adesanya’s work can be found in the following books:

Queens of Hearts - Anthology

Queens of Hearts - Anthology

Story inclusion: ‘Regina’

Falling for You - Anthology

Falling for You - Anthology

Story inclusion: ‘An Autumn of Incident’