Author Mary Alice Pritchard

Burning Heat by Mary Alice Pritchard

'Burning Heat' by Mary Alice Pritchard

With a love of shapeshifting, the paranormal, and romance, Mary Alice Pritchard has created a literary universe that is uniquely her own – and one that has enthralled her fans over the span of several full length novels and shorter fictional works.

While working full time, Ms. Pritchard prefers to spend her free time either writing her next masterpiece or working in her beloved garden. She’s been writing for over seventeen years now and says she wouldn’t know what to do with the voices in her head otherwise.

Her love for animals is strong. In fact, she has several feline muses who sometimes help with her inspirations, plus two Great Danes who spend most of their time lounging on the couch. Her stories are always romantic and sometimes a little naughty, but there’s always a happy ending.

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