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Susan Blexrud

Susan Blexrud may have been born in Cincinnati, but she has made her home in Florida, where many of her books are based. Published through DCL Publications and Simon & Schuster, she has created a prolific presence in the literary field. Inspired by her fascination with vampires, she used her background in journalism and political speechwriting to pen a 5-book series on a pair of wedded vampires (she a dentist, he a lawyer) who have a penchant for getting into trouble.  With their wacky sidekicks and a duo of best friends, they navigate the world as vigilantes while expanding their immediate family and maintaining a veneer of normal careers and PTA meetings.

An award winning author, Susan was selected by her alma mater, the University of Central Florida, to participate as a guest lecturer on writing for the Burnett Honors College. Currently, she supports several animal rights organizations, including Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, the Coalition for the Homeless in Orlando, and she is an active member on the Membership Committee for her church, First United Methodist of Winter Park.

Susan is also a vigorous reader, averaging about two books per month! One book in particular that she loved is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, which she highly recommends. She is an animal lover – especially dogs, rhinos, and octopi, and has a wonderfully silly Papillon pup named Boo. Susan is also a fan of aquatic fitness classes.

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Charitable Foundations

Please Consider Supporting the Foundations Close to Susan Blexrud’s Heart!

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC

Coalition for the Homeless in Orlando, FL

Ms. Blexrud’s work can be found in the following books:

Love Fang by Susan Blexrud

Love Fang

The ‘Fang’ Series Book 1

Fang Shui by Susan Blexrud

Fang Shui

The ‘Fang’ Series Book 2

Real Men have Fangs by Susan Blexrud

Real Men have Fangs

The ‘Fang’ Series Book 3

Mistletoe Fangs by Susan Blexrud

Mistletoe Fangs

The ‘Fang’ Series Book 4

Black Fang by Susan Blexrud

Black Fang

The ‘Fang’ Series Book 5

Delora's Necklace by Susan Blexrud

Delora's Necklace

The ‘Mayan’ Series Book 1

Miami Mayan by Susan Blexrud

Miami Mayan

The ‘Mayan’ Series Book 2