New Release: Clothilde (The Comet Series)

New Release: Clothilde (The Comet Series)


Daughter of Norman aristocrats, Clothilde du Flaumier is hopelessly in love with the illegitimate son of a nobleman. Her father will never countenance their marriage, nor does the object of her affections want one. But who else is there for such a stubborn, reckless girl?

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Call for Submissions – Tudor Secrets Anthology


Tudor Secrets – Anthology

Submission Deadline – May 3, 2021

Travel back to the Tudor period, one of the most romantic periods in the histories of England and Wales, with this exciting upcoming anthology. DCL Publications is looking for well-written, period-specific stories of romance and intrigue for an anthology titled ‘Tudor Secrets.’ The Tudor period of history occurred between 1485 and 1603 and coincides with the dynasty of the House of Tudor, whose first monarch was Henry VII. Authors are encouraged to take a true-life person from the period and incorporate that individual into a fictitious romance, without infringing on any well-known romances or marriages of that person. It is a heavy task that the most genuinely talented authors shall be able to conquer.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, May 3, 2021, by 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. Submissions should be emailed to DCL editor Jean Watkins at with the header ‘Tudor Secrets Submission.’ Attach your submission as a WORD doc document. In the body of the email, include a brief synopsis (blurb) of your story. Stories should be well-written and be read over to ensure minimum typos and errors. Please use Times New Roman 12 pt font and 1.5 line spacing, with a 0.5 indention on the first line of each paragraph. Poorly formatted manuscripts and roughly written manuscripts will not be accepted. Word count minimum is 11,500. Word count maximum is 17,500. Stories must be fully developed with a definitive beginning, middle, and conclusion. Submissions may not be a part of another series or a sequel to another story. In other words, submissions must be able to ‘stand on their own two feet’ without the reader relying on another story to introduce or conclude it.

‘Tudor Secrets’ will be available in electronic and print formats in late Fall 2021. It will also be available in audio-book at a time to be determined. Authors whose submissions have been accepted will receive a share of royalties on a quarterly basis for the length of the seven year contract required. Space is limited in this anthology. Authors may be required to take part in special online promotional events and virtual book tours. Authors whose submissions have been accepted will be notified within 30 days of submission receipt.


Tudor Secrets Open Call


New Release: The Two Sides of Santa’s Lap

Enjoy the magic of Christmas with this eclectic anthology of six exquisitely entertaining stories by three remarkable authors. Displaying both sides of Santa’s list – the naughty and the nice – Christmas has never felt so fun! Romance melds with such genres as contemporary, comedy, thriller, and action-adventure in this exciting and incomparable collection of sweet and spicy enjoyment. Whether you’ve been good or bad this year, Santa has a treat in this sack of goodies that is just perfect to satisfy your cravings. Have a seat on Santa’s lap and let all of your literary Christmas wishes be granted.

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When She Sang -Jae El Foster
Set to perform at the church’s Christmas program, a young woman loses her singing voice when encountering a handsome man.

Candy Cane Christmas – Kristi Ahlers
When a recently dumped event planner is paired with a handsome bachelor, sparks fly, but will his promiscuous past put a damper on their Christmas magic?

I See Christmas in Your Eyes – Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe
When a widow moves in with her daughter, she begins to feel old; can a handsome neighbor remedy the problem?

Seducing Santa – Jae El Foster
A woman with an obsession for Saint Nick develops an unhealthy attraction on a handsome department store Santa.

A Spicy Christmas to Remember – Kristi Ahlers
Agreeing to be a part of a charity bachelorette auction, a young woman falls into the arms of the man of her dreams, but are things happening too quickly to go in her favor?

Hot Chocolate on a Cold Winter’s Night – Jennifer Patricia O’Keeffe
After witnessing a brutal murder, a stripper must flee for her life, or lose it to the Japanese Yakuza.


Two Sides of Santa's Lap - Promo

The Two Sides of Santa’s Lap

New Release Audiobook: Restless by Jae El Foster

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Nicola has a common problem that most authors face – writer’s block. After 18 strenuous months of suffering through the departure of her muses, she has ventured to a foreign land to seek inspiration.

The tiny community of Woodland Village promises the romantic intrigue that she so desperately desires, but within the woods of this village, there is a dark, terrifying secret that lurks at night – a time when no one in the village dares to venture outside of their homes.

When her romantic leads turn up flat, Nicola decides to ignore the warnings of the townsfolk and discover for herself what it is that lives within the seemingly haunted woods. Will her investigation lead her to the romance that she needs to break free of her writer’s block, or will it lead to something much more deadly?