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She Rises at Night

by Jae El Foster

Bob and Karen are, by all regards, an unhappily married couple who has tried desperately to rekindle an extinguished flame. Their last hope for reconciliation is a move across the pond to an old farmhouse by the sea. This farmhouse has problems that are much worse than the constant flooding and the shape of disrepair that shadow over it. It harbors dark secrets, hidden dangers, and a legacy of horrific murders that have followed the structure and those who have inhabited it for well over a hundred years. Bob and Karen have barely survived one another throughout their marriage; can they survive the terrors that dominate their land when the sun goes down? An epic tale of love and marriage blended with the fearful whispers of the Book of Lucifer, the zombie genre finds new life and a new definition in ‘She Rises at Night.’


by Miriam Newman

Book 3 in ‘The Comet’ Trilogy

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About the Series

Become lost in the loves of days gone by with this enticing series from one of today’s greatest authors of historical romance, Miriam Newman. Venture strongly to the Battle of Hastings and experience Normandy as never before. Through the loves, wars, and tidings of Norman knights and Viking warriors to the stances that must be made by the women whose hearts they hold captive, ‘The Comet’ series will enrapture your mind and quicken the beat of your tender heart.

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